Xilitla boots

Sizing: For size 36 till 39 we advise you to take a size bigger. Size 40 and 41 are true to size.
Material: 100% leather

Pink leather cowboy boots with yellow and white details. The nose is pointy and the heel is around 8,5cm high. At the beginning the cowboy boots can feel a little rough. This is because the leather that we use for our boots is really strong. After wearing them a few times you will feel that the leather gets really soft and the cowboy boots will be a real pleasure to wear!

A little tip: the first time you wear them make the cowboy boots a little bit wet inside.

Xilitla is a town in the state of San Luis Potosí, in central Mexico.In the Huasteca Potosina there is a unique place that combines a vast natural wealth with surealism called the Edward James Surrealist Garden. But it’s not only the garden that makes Xilitla a magical town. The hours pass between blue skies, the aroma of coffee and the whisper of waterfalls and rivers. Walking on the main square you will come across music groups interpreting the traditional Huasteco huapangos and walk over the colorful markets where they sell fruit and local products.

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