Izamal boots

Sizing: For size 36 till 39 we advise you to take a size bigger. Size 40 and 41 are true to size.
Material: 100% leather

Black leather boots with dark blue details.  The nose is pointy and the heel is around 2cm high. At the beginning the boots can feel a little rough. This is because the leather that we use for our boots is really strong. After wearing them a few times you will feel that the leather gets really soft and the boots will be a real pleasure to wear!

Izamal is a small city in the state Yucatan, Mexico. Izamal is a must-go for instagrammers or amateur photographers because of all the yellow building. In 1993 Pope Frances visited the town to deliver an important speech, asking the locals to paint the buildings yellow in honour of Kinich Kak Moo, a manifestation of the Maya sun god. Izamal is also the home of one of the larges pyramids in Mexico.


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