Candela boots

Sizing: True to size.
Material: 100% leather


Blue/grey  leather boots with white details. The nose is pointy and the heel is around 4cm high. The leather is engraved. At the beginning the boots can feel a little rough. This is because the leather that we use for our boots is really strong. After wearing them a few times you will feel that the leather gets really soft and the boots will be a real pleasure to wear!

A little tip: the first time you wear them make the boots a little bit wet inside.

Candela is a town in the state Coahuila, Mexico. Candela offers unique places like the Gruta de Candela whit its caves, large spaces, and underground rivers with aquatic species; the thermal springs of Los Carricitos with its pools, La Mesa de Catujanos hill with its singular plateau, and its old train station.